Saying “yes”

I’ve crammed a lot into my 38 years. Over a decade in the military, two wars, travel to five continents, a crippling disease, surgeries, recovery. All of those things happened to me without even really thinking about them, and in the case of my illness, without my permission. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. So much of my life, and yours I suspect, just ‘happens.’ We don’t make it happen. And sometimes we find ourselves at life’s midway point without really having done the things we truly love, and very rarely saying ‘yes’ to real happiness.

It’s very hard to say ‘yes’ to things in life. There is a chance that we might hear a ‘no.’ Maybe we will be rejected, hurt. Maybe we will fail.

But life can’t start until you say ‘yes.’ It is saying ‘yes’ that makes us grow, makes us learn, and makes life matter.

Hearing a ‘no’ isn’t a bad thing. I finished my first novel over a decade ago. I thought I was ready. I wasn’t. I received many ‘no’s’ – from agents, from publishers, from friends. But I persisted. I wrote another book. I thought I was ready then. I wrote another novel. And another. Looking back on them, I am so glad that they weren’t published in the condition they were in. They were all good stories – I think – but they weren’t told in the best way. I was still learning. Those ‘no’s’ were actually blessings.

The only other thing I wanted to do in life was to be a songwriter. I spent my high school years in my room, recording songs on my little 4-track recorder. I though I was ready. Oh boy, I really wasn’t ready. I still had, and have, a lot to learn.

What is the difference between the books you see on the shelf at the store, or the song you hear on the radio, and the ones that might be sitting somewhere in a dusty closet in your house? The difference is someone took a chance. Someone decided that, although they might be rejected, they might be criticized, they might be laughed at, the prize was worth it. That prize isn’t money, it isn’t fame, it isn’t notoriety. It is being able to wake up every morning and work from the moment you get up, until you go to bed, on something that you completely and truly love. I did that yesterday as I recorded a song for the first time in 15 years. It’s not perfect, it’s not professional quality, but it’s not bad for some guy sitting at his messy desk in a dark room. I want to feel like that every day.

That feeling, for me, is not in an office, it’s not in a repair shop, it’s not in a classroom. For me, it is writing – stories, songs, bringing an idea that never existed before to life. It’s not what everyone loves, it’s not what everyone wants to do. But everyone has something that they really love to do, something that they are passionate about. Maybe you always wanted to go to medical school. Maybe you want to be a teacher. Maybe you want to build a rocket that will take people into space. Many of us are not doing what we really wanted to be doing in life. And I think the reason is that, somewhere along the line, we didn’t say yes.

How much different would life be if we had said ‘yes?’ Maybe it’s not too late.

I believe it is never too late to say yes. But it never gets any easier. Faced with never knowing what could be, and the chance that it might be, I’m going to try taking ‘yes’ from now on. I won’t have sport cars, big houses, private planes, but I think I’ll be happier. You can’t buy that.

What do you wish you’d said yes to? I’d like to know.


17 thoughts on “Saying “yes”

  1. what an inspiring write up Daniel
    you have gone through a lot and so you do know how sometimes its so hard to say yes,the what if’s and but’s
    There have been things i should/could have said yes to…now its late, really late..but i have learned to take chances and not shy away or fear mar that one chance that could have been in my favour..
    there are times i am skeptical but past has taught me, never ever no matter what do shy away,what will happen the most..a No, so what

    Thank you so much for writing this piece,sometimes one needs to listen to it again

  2. It is so very inspirational Daniel!
    I am reblogging this…It’s worth it!
    ‘Yes’ is so full of power that we never realize it until we learn to say it to learn and learn and learn just for ourselves…
    True that NO-ONE is perfect but the more we learn the better we become…
    We loose ourselves gradually by just not taking a chance maybe because we fear or we just don’t value ourselves that much…
    what if one ‘yes’ was wrong?! This fear is something we need to conquer…and it’s only us who can fight and win it…just for ourselves šŸ™‚
    Your post just destroys all the negativity surrounding this question!
    Hats off to you!

    *Teary smiles*


  3. Very inspirational. Life happens, doesn’t it! I’ve learned much from trial after trial. I am at a similar point in my life, wanting to embrace ‘yes.’ Thoughts are going on all the time about what I want to say ‘yes’ to, so this is a very timely post for me. šŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your story and truth. ~ Sam

  4. I actually did say yes to working on a graphic novel with you, but I never followed through. I forgot something I thought that I know well — we will never ‘find’ time for the things we want in life, but rather we must ‘make’ the time.

    I am still interested in working together when you are, my friend!!


  5. I wish I’d said yes to myself earlier. I have lived so long waiting to finally turn into the person I was pretending to be, working is hard against the person I am.
    I continue to learn to say yes to myself, however awkward it can be sometimes to have to say ‘no’ to anyone asking me to be something else.

    • I think we say yes to others much more easily than we say yes to ourselves. Children are very self-centered by nature, that I wonder how it all begins, this turning away from following your heart.

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