Sarah Winchester

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English: Winchester Mystery House Category:Images of California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I took the extended family for a tour of the “Winchester Mystery House” in San Jose, California. The home began as an eight room farm-house in the late 1800’s, but today is a sprawling mansion of labyrinthine hallways and 160 rooms , many never finished. The story of this house gets much stranger, though. After the death of her husband (of Winchester Gun fame) and her infant daughter, a distraught Sarah Winchester began consulting a Spiritualist medium, where her dead husband warned her that the family was cursed, and that she would die if she didn’t obey what the spirits told her.

She moved from Connecticut to San Jose – just a rural farmland at the time – to “follow the setting sun.” There she purchased a small home, and began immediately it’s improvement. The spirits had told her to begin building a house, and never stop construction. And she didn’t, for almost four decades.

Deep within this sprawling estate filled with doors to nowhere, bookcases that open to walls, and an obsessive amount of 13’s, is a smallish, blue room. This, we are told on the tour, is where Sarah Winchester held seances with the spirits of those killed by the weapons her family made – a large number of the dead being Native Americans.

It was to this room that Sarah would come alone, close the only door that leads in, and do whatever she did. There are two other doors in the room. Both can only be opened from the inside. One leads to a hallway – this is the exit. The other leads to a drop of over 18 feet, right above a kitchen sink a floor below. Sarah came to this room alone, forbidding anyone else to attend her “meetings.” In a closet are 13 coat hangers, presumably for her thirteen “guests.”

English: Hand-tinted ambrotype of Sarah Winche...

English: Hand-tinted ambrotype of Sarah Winchester taken in 1865 by the Taber Photographic Company of San Francisco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As our tour stood in this room, some fidgeting on their feet, talking amongst themselves, laughing, peering though the one window, I began to wonder what it must have been like when she was here alone. I tried to imagine the room without the people, with all the doors closed, and with one small little old woman sitting in the center, holding court for the dead. And then suddenly, I began to feel nervous, anxious, like a panic attack was coming. I felt a little sick to my stomach. I felt like I shouldn’t have been there. No one else looked disturbed, and the guide persisted with her dry humor, but I was scared. I may have been the only one.

Maybe because I was the only one seeing what really might have been going on in that room. Maybe because there is something still going on.

I can’t say for sure what happened there. But I know a couple of things. The Winchester House is very old, and it smells like houses that I  lived in and visited when I was a child. The scent reminded me of the mystery of old places. The other thing I know is that when you invite something into your house, it usually doesn’t leave. That’s why I only allow friends into my home. People can sometimes bring things in with them that they do not see. She directly invited spirits into her home. I’m pretty sure they haven’t left yet. And the last thing I’m sure of is that Sarah Winchester believed that she was talking to spirits, and that they were helping her plan her masterpiece to insanity. Whether they were or weren’t really doesn’t matter. If these spirits were actually things from beyond, or just delusions in her own imagination, what happened was real just the same. Something dark happened there, and is still happening.

I was glad when the tour moved on.

14 thoughts on “Sarah Winchester

  1. My goodness that was one creepy tour,but i would have loved some time alone in that room,..
    Iread the two previous chapters and was so inspired i even wrote a poetry on it..waiting anxiously for the third part…
    mean time i wanted to ask you,when i post that poetry can i mention you and link my post back to this post and two chapters you have included

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  3. Daniel, your post inspired me to go looking up this lady and the house. I’ve never been there in person, but thanks to the YouTube, I got a virtual tour of the house. It must have been cool to visit. I wonder did anyone feel the same way you did when you were in the seance room, only they didn’t say.

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