Driving Into the Sun

Driving Into the Sun (Photo credit: Travis S.)

Today, someone will wake up and be afraid.

Today, someone will wake up and know they can’t change what’s wrong.

Today, someone will see someone they love in pain.

Today, someone will not see the sun, for they thought the wrong thoughts, and have been imprisoned for it.

Today, someone will learn that love is a hurricane, and not everyone survives hurricanes.

Today, someone will wake up and have no one to say ‘good morning’ to. Or ‘good day,’ or ‘good night.’

Today, someone will hate God, but not know why.

Today, someone will hate themselves, and blame God.

Today, someone will wish that they were someone else, maybe someone like you.

But today, you have a chance to change the world. Today, you can redefine yourself. Today, you can be someone to admire, someone to respect, someone with strength. Today, you can help someone in need, you can comfort someone who is sad, you can fix something that’s broken.

Today, you can do what you’ve always wanted to do, you can try something new, you can start over.

Today, you can forget what you can’t change, and start living to never want to change another thing.

But most of all, today, you can be thankful for what you have, and if you have nothing left, you can be grateful that you have another chance to have something. Because someone admires you. If no one does, they just haven’t met you.

Because some people will wake up, and have nothing to dream about. But you do.

So be thankful that, at least, you can dream.

21 thoughts on “Today

  1. Beautiful Daniel…loved it specially the line-Today, someone will wish that they were someone else, maybe someone like you….remember that some one may be wanting to be like you, take pride and keep going…

  2. I find it very interesting to think like that, of all the people in the world, just going about their lives that are so very different from my own. I think things like: “I wonder how many people are eating McNuggets right now?” or “How many people just heard a Beatles song for the first time today?”

  3. good words…a little hard to follow sometimes, but we all have to remember some days are better than others. but it makes the good days worth it

  4. Daniel, as to “Today…” Thank you! I needed you this morning with my second cup of coffee…As to Valley of…a valley is most of all, fertile ground, is it not?…and, as to “the opposite of ballerina…” isn’t it PRIMO? My best to you, today and always…you’ve got a fan out here.

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