The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Denali Rainshower - Alaska -  Mountains

Denali Rainshower – Alaska – Mountains (Photo credit: blmiers2)

That place told of in those common words, always associated with suffering, the phrase a concoction of old English and ancient Hebrew, changed many times in modern translations, but never meeting the poetic formulation that has seared these words into the vernacular.

What is it like there?

It means many things to many people. Struggle, disappointment, heartache, fear. To those of us who’ve endured the trials of sickness, it means something more. It is a place we know well.

I have some very unique views on life and purpose. I’ve tried to voice them here, but I know sometimes my words seem dark. Like a painter, writers also give impressions of the things they see, the view surrounding them. They pay attention to the nuances of light, and the subtleties of color. And they try to describe, the best they can, what they see.

Many people fear those words “…walk through the valley of the shadow of death…”  But there is something more that comes after. “I shall fear no evil.” That isn’t to say you embrace evil, or celebrate evil. It means you aren’t afraid to paint its face, or say how it looks. Because in that valley, you see it every wrinkle and scar on its face.

I’ve seen things and felt things that were a privilege to experience. The lifeless struggle of a hospital bed. The agony of hurting the ones you love with your pain. The joy of taking a drink, and having it stay down. I’ve been to the Valley, and now, I find myself recalling those scenes, remembering the stories I heard there, and writing of the darkness.

But I try, I always try, to show how the darkness doesn’t stay. We may believe it will, but it won’t. A valley is a low land between hills or peaks. On the other side of any valley is a rise. It may be a gentle slope, or it may be a mountain. On the way to the mountain, we all pass through some valleys. Most of us, when we do, are afraid.

But we should not fear evil. It can’t follow us up the mountain.

Psalm 23:4

11 thoughts on “The Valley of the Shadow of Death

  1. I’ve had to utter those words a few times in my life, and I’ve always found that phrase full of beauty and power and peace. Thanks for sharing something so personal with all your grace and beauty. And I hope the Angles always light your path out of the darkness.

  2. As always, you write with such depth Daniel. My own experiences have shown me how rich it is to stare into the face of death. I see eternity and joy there. But sometimes we turn back from it and find a shining light here.
    Thank you for this lovely post.

  3. Very beautiful post and I completely understand what you mean. Those valleys can be so disheartening but after climbing up the hill, the view up there is so much more spectacular than if you were always walking along the hilltops 🙂

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