To Save a Dream

Endless road

Endless road (Photo credit: BuBcSek)

How do you save a dream?

You know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t had the moment, you will, someday. You might find yourself on the edge of a failed relationship, and all of the hopes you had for the future feel like they are dying. All of the unrealized things you will never be, all of the forever you planned your life around.

You may be facing the loss of a job, a job that gave you your identity, provided stability to your family, and allowed you to be who you’ve become.

You may even be facing the loss of your health, knowing that there’s no turning back to the way things used to be. No rescue from the suffering that has come, and will come.

Or, you could have that moment, that realization, that your possibilities are still farther away than you’d hoped they’d be by now. You look into the distance, and see only miles of road, when you’ve already walked for endless miles. And you know other’s have already made it to their destination. You begin to wonder if you’re on the wrong path.

It would be so easy to stop, and begin the walk back home. So easy to sit down on the roadside, and wait for the first car to take you back to where you started.

What do you do then? There are as many answers as there are people, and I’m interested in yours. How do you save a dream?

10 thoughts on “To Save a Dream

  1. The road changes. Maybe the dream was not really yours to begin with. Mindfulness and being present are the surest ways to know you are on the right path. These and detachment.

  2. It’s normal to have dreams, but a dream that isn’t realized is a dream that wasn’t meant to be realized. Where we are is where we need to be. When things begin to die, we should not try to save them. That’s how we create suffering. We always find the real dream in the end.

  3. Guts, perseverance, and just plain pissed off anger has gotten me through a lot but sometimes you just have to admit it isn’t going to be. Then I take a deep breath, mourn the loss and move on. And it is always easier said then done to give up on a dream.

  4. I agree with sahbinahvioletflynn that the road changes, at least sometimes. I have dreams that haven’t been fulfilled and for a long time I fought the idea that they may never happen. But now, while I still love these dreams and hold them near, how I want them has changed and I’m happier for that.

  5. Great post Daniel!
    Yes, it seems like the most logical thing at that point is to give up, but I always think of the successful and famous people out there who’ve made it. I read their stories and realise that most of the time, their breakthroughs have came after some failure or tragedy of the sort. This always puts things in perspective for me… 🙂

  6. Well, I think you can’t give up for starters. Maybe you need to revise the dream, because now it’s more based in reality, perhaps. Sometimes, a dream starts without all the facts and pieces in place. As things start to come together, the dream may need to shift in order for things to fall into place as they need to. Also to not be afraid to fail and to learn from the failures. Of course, all easier said than done 🙂

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