The Beauty of Pain

I often wonder why the writing, films, and music I love best are often the darkest. I stumbled upon this quote from a 19th century essayist. For me, it’s an adequate explanation.

English: Despair

English: Despair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Works of genius have this in common, that even when they vividly capture the nothingness of things, when they clearly show and make us feel the inevitable unhappiness of life, and when they express the most terrible despair, nonetheless to a great soul – though he find himself in a state of extreme duress, disillusion, nothingness, noia, and despair of life, or in the bitterest and deadliest misfortunes (caused by deep feelings of whatever) – these works always console and rekindle enthusiasm; and though they treat or represent only death, they give back to him, at least temporarily, that life which he had lost.”

— Giacomo Liapardi (1798-1837) from his diary called Zibaldone 

6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Pain

  1. I find myself attracted to both; the darkest stories and the brightest. I mostly watch horror films but will watch ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ with the same enthusiasm 🙂 Disney will always put both aspects into their feature flms. The most wicked villains are often in Disney movies and fairy tales.

    • That is true, Disney is a large purveyor of dark stories. I guess our inclinations are often formed in childhood. Come to think of it, most fairy tales have strong fear aspects. But I’m like you, whimsical stuff is also appealing.

  2. Hi Daniel,
    The reason you feel this way is due to authenticity. As writers, poets, novelists, and creative writers, we tend to exert most of our energies on matters that bother us personally. Writing is a hobby and interest to those who are eager in finding ways to release inner pains. No one’s life is perfect and through many displays of writing, you can most likely (9 times out of 10), place your feet into their shoes and probably even tie the shoelaces.

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