This Beautiful Subject

English: Illustration to a fairy tale "Ki...

English: Illustration to a fairy tale “King_Thrushbeard” Русский: Иллюстрация К.Фогеля (1893) к сказке “Король Дроздобород” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There once was a king who lived alone, as his wife had been dead for many years. He heard rumors of a girl in his kingdom that was so beautiful, whatever man saw her would fall in love with her. The king was lonely, and desired to meet this beautiful subject. He sent his men throughout the kingdom to find her, and at last a report came that the girl lived with her father in a particular village. But the messenger warned him, “My lord, they say that the girl is so beautiful that whoever sees her is blinded by love. I’m afraid there is no one you can trust to bring her here.”

The king thought for a time, and at last decided the only person he could trust was his own son. He called the boy to him, and told him to bring the girl back to the castle. The son bowed, and headed off. Several days passed, but the king’s son did not return. The king was distraught with worry, and wondered if his son had been set upon and harmed. So one night the king set out alone, to the house where the messengers had said the girl lived.

When the king reached the little house, he rushed to the door and begged the owner to come out to meet him. An old man cracked the door just wide enough to peer through, and after a few moments realized he was standing before his king. The old man knelt to the ground, but the king begged him to rise. The king asked, “I sent my son here a week ago, but he has not returned. Did he come to this house?”

The old man answered, “Yes, he did.”

The king’s heart was at once relived and suspicious. “Where then is your daughter?” he asked the old man.

“I don’t know where she is,” he replied. “She is your daughter, now.”


6 thoughts on “This Beautiful Subject

  1. When I was at the part where the king thought that the only person he could trust was his son, I thought, “Nooo. That’s a stupid ideaaa! Go there yourself! Every guy is bound to fall in love with herrr. You’ve already been warneddd!”

    I guess a lesson here is that in the end, you can trust no one but yourself and if you really want something, you should be the one to act on that want and not let somebody do the work for you. 🙂

  2. This was a special story with a surprise ending. I think it took me a minute to grasp its full meaning! Thanks for the way you write and the choice of words. I like to read things that have uniqueness to them.

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