The Agony of Rain

raindropA single drop fell from the sky

To rest upon a listing sill

To look at me, and I thus watched

My life flickering in its trespass


A single drop of water whence

Did the earth spring forth its glory then

And floods came down to drown it so

As it glistened in a wooden crevasse


All of time and all of me

Suspended in that crystal globe

That burst and ran forth in decay

And then the downpour came to pass

The Worst Thing About Christmas

Small Red Tree

Small Red Tree (Photo credit: Velvet Elevator (Pandy Farmer))

I didn’t think there could be a “worst” thing about this wonderful time of year. But leave it to the Spanish – the same folks that brought us the Inquisition – to once again tarnish the national religion. His name – the Caganer.

I found this tradition hard to believe, after discovering it here. I’ll let you read the link if you are brave enough to encounter a tradition that – if there is anything good and holy in the universe – will never spread to our county.

I feel sick now, and have the urge to wash my hands.