Fear of Dark Miles


Black Hole on the Milky Way

I hold my son and tell him

Don’t be afraid of the universe

That stretches on and on for unknowable dark miles

And we are but billions of tiny fragments on an unseeable rock

Spinning around a dying star swirling lost in the vastness of creation

That lights us and gives us life

And posions us with its intensity

Billions more glowing above us, faintly, telling us there is void in between

They are ages dead and gone when we perceive their light

You are in a tiny shell, the most insignificant thing imaginable

Amidst such greatness and horror of invisible forces that create you

I tell him, even as I am afraid

I will hold you tight, my son, my child

As great as the universe is, it is nothing compared to you

You are an enormously wondrous intelligent being

Who can understand it all

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